A Solution For All Fabricators

Whether your operation fabricates in metal, plastic or wood or perhaps utilises CNC cutting like laser, waterjet, plasma, etc. we have a  solution for you. Fabrication software that works and helps with: Quotes, Production, Purchasing, Inventory, Nesting.

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Do I need QuoteFab for every user ?

No you do not. Only estimators require QuoteFab for processing of quote request using DXF or DWG files. All estimations produced with QuoteFab will generate a clean DXF file for the drawings/s nested and one for the nest itself.

What is the licence cost after initial purchase ?

Any new licences bought after the initial purchase will cost the price level of your current total number of users.

Does RanFab assign part numbers automatically?

Yes, RanFab does , but we also allow for a user defined part number as well. Part revision numbers can also be tracked.

Our Solutions

We develop software from the perspective of the user. We were once fabricators and profile cutters and faced the same challenges you do in your own business.

Return on investment is as important for software acquisition as for any other expenditure. Our solutions are proven in hundreds of businesses and not only pay for the initial investment in record time but continuously contribute to improving your bottom line.
We understand that “busy” interfaces are not a reflection of good design and functionality. We apply common sense to provide intuitive user interface to achieve the easiest human-PC interaction that you look forward to using daily.
CutQuote is an online service that requires no training with instant access and built in help tours for users.
RanFab, while essentially controlling all aspects of your business can be installed and deployed in one hour on your own PC/Server and training averages to three hours per business department.

Quotes and estimation are central to all businesses that build or construct to order. Often each part is unique and hundreds such parts need pricing daily. Our fabrication software takes what is usually a task that requires experience estimators, and introduces methods of quoting that guarantee profitable results with high yields and do not rely on experience.

Work Orders and Job Cards are essential elements for any fabrication shop. Multiple options and and methods are included in RanFab to suit most workflows. To add to it all we provide special functionality for profile cutting operations where we include tools to nest, build cutting lists and maximise your material requirements. To complete the section one can use barcodes to track production times or simply run entire shop floors paperless. Fabrication software  made easy to use.

Organise and automate your purchasing. Never again miss raising that PO for that subcontracted operation which delays your delivery date. With RanFab purchase orders for both finish goods and subcontracted services is build in and integrated tightly with production control, programming for profile cutting and inventory.

Inventory in RanFab hs built in intelligence where the system will remind you to raise orders for low running stock as per your preferences. Complete traceability for all your material certification and allocation of stock to jobs and parts. Simply look at your order to see which stock material from which supplier was used and by whom.

Communicate and record all activity with customers and suppliers. With our built in CRM module send and receive emails within and have them automatically linked to the correct customer record. Take notes, set reminders and alerts and allocate tasks for yourself or other members of your team. Each transaction is audited and recorded for historical proof.

RanFab and CutQuote address many other aspects of daily business activity. If we peaked your curiosity sufficiently and you would like to learn more why don’t you book a no obligation web session now and we can discuss your needs shortly.

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  • Metal Spinning
  • Contract Laser Cutting
  • Contract Laser Cutting
  • Contract Cutting and Sheet Metal
  • Milling and Turning