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In days of yore, job shop scheduling software consisted of the poor person who had been around long enough to know how long everything was supposed to take.  So, he or she had the task of deciding when everything was going to be made in the most efficient manner.  With the advent and easy access to computers and spreadsheet software programs, this made for a less messy desk, maybe, but still the same basic process.

It was very time consuming and labor intensive.  However, job shop scheduling software has progressed to the point where this process can be far more easily managed, with less effort, less stress, and better results.

The Basic Design of Job Shop Scheduling Software

Job shop scheduling software is not made for every type of company.  In fact most companies do not have any need for this software.  However, if you are a machine shop or any company that does custom manufacturing, this type of software is vital.  It has been designed to handle the scheduling for you.

As long as the initial inputs are correct on your side (such as job time and materials and labor required per job), even the most basic software can help you put your jobs in the correct order to get the most done in the least amount of time.  However, there are more features that can be added to your job shop scheduling software to make it even more effective.

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