Here we are , after Sydney’s Austech 2012.

We had a better than anticipated turn out and response from this year’s Austech. Generally speaking the response and interest in software products is predictable and quantifiable at this particular venue. Not this year , first day gave the impression of a typical expectation , but the following three days were overwhelming with lots of quality demonstration to companies large and small and lots of genuine interest from the visitors.

Another unusual outcome is on site sale commitment from a number of companies without the effort to test or trial the software. Clearly our strategy and method of presentation has been accepted as very transparent and made the decision of committing to a purchase that much easier .

Many exhibitors have expressed disappointment for the venue chosen by Austech organisers ( Olympic grounds) instead of the more traditional one ( Darling Harbour ) . I could not tell the difference in outcome as this was the first time we have exhibited in Sydney and as explained above the outcome for our company was more than satisfactory.

I do align myself to the main complain that dominated the exhibitors camp in relation to “one” particular exhibitor ( they represent the Trumph brand ) which chose to run their own “open day” in parallel with Austech by simply highjacking the visitors and driving them away from the show grounds to their own venue , from which presumably all other visitors would have lost the chance to pitch their products and services ( for which they paid a good premium to the organisers ) as it is very unlikely that these companies would return to visit the show.For the Austech organisers to allow this travesty to take place was extremely disappointing and someone better qualified should review the exhibitor contractual obligations in the future if they wish to have any relevance.

All this being said , we would like to thank all our visitors for allowing us to be part of their future dreams and aspirations and to congratulate the ones that entrusted their business to the freedom that LaserQuote offers.

Till next time , stay safe and positive.