New Features In AutoCAD WS Web Version

Written by Daniel,
March 21 2012

In addition to the changes that have been made to the AutoCAD WS Mobile App for iOS and Android, we have also added a number of features specifically to the web version of AutoCAD WS that you can find at

There are four features key features that have been added to the web version AutoCAD WS to reflect the way users traditionally interact with AutoCAD.

Command Line Toggle

We have added a simple button to the bottom of the screen alongside the toggle for Snap, Ortho and Line Weight. Even with the Command Line turned off, you can still type any of the usual commands that are present in AutoCAD WS to activate them as normal.

ID Point

You can now determine the in-drawing co-ordinates of any given point by typing “ID” within the web version of AutoCAD WS. Once you are prompted to select a point you can do so by clicking or by using the Snap feature to click a specific point on an object. The co-ordinates are given as an x, y, z reference relative to the origin point of the drawing.


The Align function has been added to the Drawing ribbon in the web version of AutoCAD WS. It functions in the same way as the align function in AutoCAD, except that while AutoCAD WS only supports 2D objects, Align will only require two source and destination points rather than the usual three.

To align an object or objects click the Align button. You will be prompted to select all the objects you wish to align. The Align command can be performed on any shape that can be moved or scaled. You will then be prompted to identify a first source and destination point and then a second source and destination point. The objects will be aligned based on the vectors selected.

You can also trigger the Align command by typing AL or ALIGN.

Radius and Diameter Dimension

We have added two new dimension measuring options to the toolbar to allow you to determine the radius and diameter of any arc or circle. Click on the Radius or the Diameter button from the Dimension drop down list and then select the arc or circle you want to measure to add the dimension annotation to your drawing.