aclogoToday we are releasing a maintenance update related to the AutoCad WS integration. After receiving a number of reports from some of our users depicting how at times DXF file names which had spaces in their names were not properly handled by AutoCad, we in collaboration with the AutoCad have modified our plug-in to automatically recognise and remove spaces from file names to be uploaded and opened in AutoCad. This is now available and ready to download for active licence holders. It does not require any special actions on the user side other than performing the standard update procedure.

File names will be automatically renamed and the latest version of a given file will be correctly maintained inside the LaserQuote folder of your AutoCad account.

Another issue reported and related to AutoCad was the 404 error in Tomcat. If your security settings within your account in AutoCad does not allow for folder creations outside of the account you will need to log into your AutoCad WS account and manually create a folder named LaserQuote inside your drawings section. Once you have done so the error will stop and the integration will function.