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Upcoming Xero accounting integration with RanFab

Upcoming version will include a much anticipated integration with the popular accounting solution , Xero. […]

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Operator Mobile App for Iphone and Android

LaserQuote has released a new interface for mobile devices specifically designed for machine […]

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LaserQuote New Version – 222

Version 222 , the last planned release for this calendar year has been […]

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New Myob accounts integration features

Idronic accounts integration tool has new features related to the synchronising with MYOB. […]

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Multilingual ERP software for manufacturing

Good ERP software is at the centre point of a successful fabrication business. LaserQuote is […]

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LaserQuote – EuroBlech 2012

EuroBlech 2012 in Hanover Germany is now completed. This was the first time […]

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Updated version for Idronic’s accounts integration

We have released a new version for our accounts synchronisation software. The new version adds […]

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LaserQuote at EuroBlech 2012

It is that time of the cycle when EuroBlech will open it’s gates […]

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New version update ( 220 )

QuoteFab – Multiple Parts Quotes in one session

Multiple DXF’s / DWg’s nesting and […]

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New Feature – Estimation via a spreadsheet like method

For a good while we were asked to provide a simple and fast […]

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