[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]More often than not contract cutting companies are asked to quote multiple parts as a set and the data that they are given is a single cad file containing all parts with lots of information that is not useful or relevant to the costing exercise like punch marks for holes , text outlines specifying materials or quantities , borders or title blocks on single or multiple layers.

Under these circumstances given that the chance of getting an order is somewhere around 50% many would opt out of even costing something like this as the time invested in getting an accurate price vastly out weights the benefits of getting the order.

What if we would tell you that now there is a solution that would generate an accurate costing for such scenario in record time ( under one minute ) and is available right now with LaserQuote . In the example video below we display one such example using not less than 60 parts inside a single DXF file. Be amazed at the ease and give us a call to test your own files.