LaserQuote performs the task of defining the cost of a part to be manufactured through its part definition module.

The Part Definition enables the user to perform the task of costing a job within a intuitive and logical interface.

LaserQuote uses a web 2.0 online interface that brings obvious advantages to the user among of which are the ease of access to data and the familiar browser and navigation interface. From within here a part  definition can be constructed for something as simple as a single sheet metal process like bending or welding or a complex part  that involves profile cutting of blank, and then multiple other sheet metal operations together with a BOM list and subcontractors need it to perform other operations.

Profitability and direct control over the cost of each process and BOM is maintained separately from the whole and can be influenced individually.

A very clear and easy to interpret picture is given to the user and the process of job costing becomes an analytical and predictable exercise, where profit is predetermined and the end result will guarantee that the quote is going to be profitable and competitive given your own circumstances.

Put the days behind you when your staff have done the “right” thing and quoted correctly or when you need to wait until a job is completed to find whether or not you made a profit or loss.