Trumpf_laser LaserQuote has been designed to complement any profile cutting process but it excels as a laser cutting software. Laser Cutting is one of this possible processes and LaserQuote does a brilliant job at facilitating the Quote generation, Customer relations, Programming of parts, Production control etc.

LaserQuote has a build in wizard that simplifies the process of calculating a price for a given part. The wizard will offer screens necessary depending on the user input. Most part definitions and quotes can be accurately completed within a minute.

LaserQuote allows the creation and automation of the programming process, where multiple parts from various clients can be nested together in tandem with your cad nesting software and therefore allowing for increased material usage efficiencies to be achieved.

The automatic scheduling is a must for all contract cutting shops. Whether you laser, plasma, oxy, wire or router cut anything, LaserQuote is capable of estimating your next available machine availability. Further more your clients gain direct access to the production stage of their jobs via online access.

The Online Customer Interface puts the customer in control of their product. Gone are the days when a client calls numerous times to enquire of the status of their jobs or to ask for a copy of their delivery docket. The complete time stamped status is published for you customer to view together with a digitally recorded signature to prove of delivery. The real kicker tough comes in allowing the customer to request a part quote online using the build in wizard. This is smartly designed and quickly achieves an accurate request using drop down lists that match your own system. Multiple file attachments can be used. Once the submission is made the staff members are prompted to attend to it via the dashboard interface. With the click of one button the request is transformed into a part definition with most of the data pre filled.