Tick_greenGood ERP software is at the centre point of a successful fabrication business. LaserQuote is fortunate to share successful stories with many of its clients. To add to our acceptance we also understood that availability of our software for non English speaking countries is a must. For that reason we have made LaserQuote available in multiple languages : English, German, Spanish, French, Romanian.

We are pleased to announce in light of recent requests from customers in India, China and Italy that we have added their respective language translation to our repertoire. These new languages can be easily accessed as before and set on per system or per user basis. Indeed true power of communication at a companies fingertips when a given entity can operate with a single central system and have their employees or customers access the system in their own native language. Imagine the possibilities in today’s global economy when companies are hiring staff from other countries for task that can be performed irrespective of physical location like estimation for instance, or companies that employ the services of factory workers not speaking the countries spoken language. This is largely the case for many European, Asian and Arabic companies but it seems to become the new status-quo  in Australia as well.

So in conclusion if communication is important to your operation and if access and control are factors that count please consider LaserQuote for your metal fabrication, profile cutting, machining, or general engineering shop for your one stop job shop manufacturing software.

Multilingual ERP solutions for the metal fabrication industry.