Anyone that has an interest in using profile cutting in their operation would have heard of, or are using some software for the purpose of nesting parts in standard sheet sizes. The point of this exercise is simply to maximise material usage efficiency. Nesting correctly can mean the difference between having or not a viable profile cutting business. Never before was this more true than the times we leave in as the fabricator’s margins are squeezed more and more to the point where any error in quoting or production could ruin any expected return on a given job.

One would try to achieve better efficiencies by employing committed people, investing in cutting edge technologies and maximising existing resources. A good nesting software solution plays a significant role in this equation. The aim is to automate any task that would otherwise monopolise precious time for one or many employees. A dedicated programmer is a necessity for most profile cutting businesses, in fact many would have a dedicated programmer for each one of their cutting machines. By definition this sounds wasteful when one thinks of the hourly rates that a programmer demands and the hourly returns that a laser cutting machine for instance can return.

In the ideal world everyone could use a software solution that can automate the task of quoting accurately from most electronic file types, generate quick and accurate nests that make sense to how a human thinks rather that having a random push and shove approach.Further more eliminate the need to spend any resources on making decisions related to avoiding crashing cutting heads , positioning and the type of best lead-in for every material, apply decisions like common and combine cutting ,trim and control off cuts, suggest multiple solutions for a single nest etc , all this features are on every profile cutter’s wish list. Very few software solutions have all of these features available and most boast huge slogans but really fail to deliver.

We , trough the nature of the business we are in and the scope of type of customers we are exposed to on almost every continent have extensive experience in matching best fit software solutions for businesses. We have indeed spend countless hours of research and actual live testing on many software packages claiming to offer “the best” algorithms out there. If you wish to tap into our extensive experience into this field , do yourselves a great favor and contact us . We will analyse your requirements and offer solutions that best meet your criteria.

More often than not one of this solutions will be fully integrated with our own LaserQuote ERP giving you a one stop shop for handling all aspects of your profile cutting and manufacturing software.