QuoteFab – Multiple Parts Quotes in one session

Multiple DXF’s / DWg’s nesting and price calculation

Our newest version for the QuoteFab integration enables you to generate separate multiple costings for parts of different quantities and materials in a single session. This extremely user friendly application has proven a huge success to us and most of LaserQuote’s users are now enjoying its features everyday.

New process settings

Default values for maximum sizes for profile cutting process can be entered and default values for setup rates and times are used now for all possible production processes.

Two costing methods used in unison

You can now use the margin method and the profit adjustment method in the same process at the same time.

Optimized scanning procedure

Extremely large nests with more than a couple of hundred of parts are now optimized to quicker scanning and record update. Drop down list are also modified to wait for user input before displaying any results.

Selection over multiple pages

Selection of records is now possible over multiple pages. This can be used everywhere including quotes and orders.

PEP – the most advanced full featured nesting software is now integrated with LaserQuote

Witness the speed and accuracy of this amazing nesting algorithm. Features that were never found in main stream nesting software are now standard with PEP. Contact us for a demo and give yourself the edge when it comes to cutting speeds and material efficiency.

The integration with PEP is very comprehensive and it will continue to be developed. We can currently automatically create profile cutting parts from multiple nests with multiple parts in each at once. Virtually you could create pricing for thousands of profile cutting parts in seconds. The two systems will link the drawings to the parts and report data that otherwise is not available in LaserQuote like part sizes and weights.
Our integration does not stop there , we can also automatically create the nest files in PEP, based on the cutting lists built in LaserQuote’s programming module. The speed and accuracy are astonishing as quoting with PEP is the ultimate accuracy with all machine parameters like rapid speeds , times for head raises and acceleration and deceleration parameters are taken into account on a material by material basis.
Create quick costs and nests directly from PDF files.Ask us how?

Spreadsheet entry for quick costing

Select up to ten separate processes including profile cutting and quickly cost parts via a spreadsheet like interface for extremely fast results. Your profits will still be automatically calculated.

Inline Document attachments in Purchase Orders

You can now add material certification directly in the purchase order line to link a material certificate and record a docket number as well. These fields are hidden by default so they need enabling via the table controls. The attached document will also be linked to the relevant inventory item created based on the purchase order.

Part Net Profit and Price adjustment

We are now calculating an average for the net profit of all the work items that the part consists of. The unit price can also be adjusted positively or negatively in the same fashion as a work item could.

Cell content auto selection for inline editing

Whenever you navigate a grid that has inline editing enabled the content of the cell will be selected already for increasing the speed of data entry.

Width and Length entry from diameter selection

In manually calculating the costing of a profile cutting part and if the perimeter is that of a diameter the length and width are now automatically entered.

Control options over standard material sizes

Administrators can now choose to allow or disallow other user to use sizes other than the defined ones for raw material. By default this feature is on so if using remnant control please switch it off.

Production notes for all process types

Added production notes for job instructions for all possible processes.

New Themes

9 new themes catering for all tasted have been created and added to LaserQuote. We suggest that you try them out as they are supposed to assist with various aspects of user interaction like font sizes and glare and reflection issues.

Modified spare part entries to display full name and code

New About us box

The about us box now reports the product ID as well as the version and build number.

Customer interface update

Your customers can now get a list of all their parts and exported to CSV. They can also raise orders from their parts , from an existing order or from one of their quotes.

Keyboard Navigation

Use your arrow keys , tab keys and the space bar to select , and navigate grids or forms. The top menu can also be selected via keyboard.

These are just a selection of the main features. We have also fixed a number of reported bugs and improved navigation and speed in many areas. The underlying javascript library has been updated to reflect the latest functionality available via a web browser.