QuoteFab from Aptia Solutions is one of our most successful integrations.

Be ready to be surprised by the power and simplicity of this nimble application, delivering great automatic true shape nesting for sheet metal profile cutting applications without hurting your back pocket!

qf-logoLaserQuote and QuoteFab have a great history together. Our software solutions complement each other in ways that other comparable software solution only wish they can achieve. In fact the integration between our fully fledged costing module and the smarts that QuoteFab brings to the table, trough its nesting algorithm is so seamless that most of our clients cannot tell when one application stops and the other starts.

Aptia Solutions has made a name for themselves in the nesting of sheet metal parts with products and services like Mynesting.com , NestFab , QuoteFab etc. With a team of young, enthusiastic engineers they brought to the market clever solutions delivered in a highly polished interface and aimed at the budget conscious consumer.

As you can see from the presentations below the interface and work-flow used in QuoteFab are so intuitive that most will not need any training to get going and clean , prepare and nest accurately DXF or DWG files. The importer is simply stunning in how well it can identify broken entities in CAD files ( and we all know how annoying those are ) and simply repair them independent of user interaction. At the same time duplicated entities are deleted saving you, at times, hours of file processing. One other great feature is the capacity of automatically extracting multiple parts from a single CAD file. Many other aspects of the nesting process can be customised , like the parts distances, angle of rotations etc. Nesting can be accomplished based on the material type where all parts which have the material in common will be nested together or individually where each part has a separate nest and therefore providing accurate costing figures.

If you are seeking a costing solution that involves nesting of parts or components look no further than our own integration for LaserQuote and QuoteFab. It is affordable and easy to use, producing very accurate results.