Zoom in Jobs

Zoom feature for jobs in Customer Orders with filters and grouping and summary.

Delivery Status in Customer Order

The new delivery field in Customer Order will use the default customers delivery status but can optionally be changed to other values specific to the order only.

Deliver from customer order

Deliver a customer order directly from the order.

Scanning more then one operator on one job

Add as many operators as required against the scan record in a job / machine production record.

New production report

Production report for machine and workstation data comparison at customer order level.

New Jobs report

Progressive payments / Partial delivery work flow

Version 228 brings a new workflow and subtle improvements in the process of partially delivering an order. It is important that you do not apply this upgrade until you have completed all live orders that contain partial deliveries. View the video above to learn how the new workflow affects you.

Mass Orders

Mass orders or Blanket Orders is a new concept introduced in version 228. Users can deliver against an order over extended periods of time without closing the order even if all line are completed. New lines can be added and delivered at any time. The vide explains this functionality.

Multiple File uploads in Programming

Add multiple files attached to a nested job in a single action.

Structural Quotes

The building and structural engineering customer can now make use of not only a new interface specific to their industry but also calculators that are widely used in the industry , based on the project cost and on the weight of it.

Drag and Drop for sorting quote lines

sort you quote lines and customer order lines by dragging and dropping them in the position you want them to be in.

Dr.Abe nesting integration

Export cutting lists with CAD data to Dr.Abe

Default account for suppliers and subcontractors

If you define an account name or number against a supplier or subcontractor this value will define any new purchase orders for this account.

Margin default for subcontracted costs

The customers target net profit will be used to set the default value for margin in subcontracted work items.

Shortcuts in gas hourly cost for profile cutting

BOM Purchase Order intelligence

When raising a PO for a BOM item RanFab will suggest all available suppliers and their prices not only the one use in the quoting process.