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RanFab is our newest release and it will replace the former LaserQuote Pro. As most of our users can attest to during the last couple of years our direction on our development map and the target audience for our most successful market has pushed our software deep into the fabrication ,subcontracting, engineering , full manufacturing and general build to stock and order type of businesses . While these still have possibly the occasional profile cutting needs they tend to be more of a casual need and less of a single and only requirement. In addition to this our association to world class nesting software systems have made us decide to begin writing a new generation of software and we are calling it “RanFab”.

Users of LaserQuote Pro with a valid licence will be able to upgrade to this new release , please read the details about the procedure to adopt from within the support portal.

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This is a powerful addition to our product line. View the video below for a quick outline. The support portal has more detailed info on the functionalityPHNjcmlwdCB0eXBlPSJ0ZXh0L2phdmFzY3JpcHQiIHNyYz0iaHR0cDovL2lkcm9uaWMuY29tL3ZpZC9wbGF5ZXIvP2lkPVQyNXNhVzVsTFVOMWMzUnZiV1Z5TFZGMWIzUmxjeTFtYjNJdFJGaEdMUzFFVjBjdE1EQXhMbTF3TkElM0QlM0QmY29udGFpbmVyPWV2cC02MEs3Vzc1MkFXIj48L3NjcmlwdD48ZGl2IGlkPSJldnAtNjBLN1c3NTJBVyIgZGF0YS1yb2xlPSJldnAtdmlkZW8iIGRhdGEtZXZwLWlkPSJUMjVzYVc1bExVTjFjM1J2YldWeUxWRjFiM1JsY3kxbWIzSXRSRmhHTFMxRVYwY3RNREF4TG0xd05BPT0iPjwvZGl2Pg==.

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Within the documents repository files can now be uploaded in bulk.

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Use the newly provided filter to add parts to quotes regardless of which client they belong to.

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This setting expressed as a percentage will be used to analyze the real production time for jobs which are scanned and then compare that time with the estimated time. If the difference is greater then the estimated time plus this percentage value that job will be marked as a time exceeded and display highlighted in red within the customer order screen under the Jobs tab.

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This feature is only available as a add-on UDP and enables users to adjust both the invoice and the parts costing to match the real production time . This is ideal for the cost plus market where a dummy job definition is applied and the actual charge time is only known after the production is completed. You can purchase this UDP via your customer support portal or by contacting us.

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New option to search and display all the attached electronic data ( PDF, Word ,DXF , DWG etc ) connected to this order in any way . The attachment might be connected to a part in the order or to a material connected to a job in the order. A list of all the found documents will be displayed. A newly provided SQL stored procedure is required and should be found as a SQL file attached to this article.

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Sold as a separate module this is a really powerful tool that will enable you to apply and develop your own work flows and actions. You can defined complex reports ,queries, with your own actions that can be either initiated via a button on a form or table or automatic scheduled to run. The module comes with a management console and with an Email template creator. The online manual contains the syntax used to defined the rules etc. The business language used makes it really easy to achieve complex results that re unique to your application and remain valid even after an upgrade. If you are to busy to defined your own actions but can make use of the functionality we can write the UDP for you and all you need to do in to import a file and the action is immediately available. A few such UDP’s will be made available for download and purchase and they will cover actions like selective email notification for a raised customer order where you can choose which contact will receive the email. Another typical action is adding a ad-hoc delivery charge to a quote.

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Note that you take full responsibility for emails received in your database which may contain malicious code. We suggest you use a web server that has a strong spam and virus check in place or perhaps you could use your GMail Imap or POP account with which LQ and RF are fully compatible.

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Percentage discounts can now be set specific to a quote. This method will not discount the parts within the Quote and will carry over the discount value when a customer order is created from the quote.

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PEP users can now import a screenshot with overall dimensions for all parts converted and quoted via the PEP integration

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Search the schedule in a graphical interface for jobs with various criteria and commonality.
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Comprehensive pressing calculator where the user can define specific cycle times linked to each type of material and size of the blank to be processed.

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The features above are just a selection of the entire set of new functionality that comes with our latest version. Please click below where a comprehensive list outlines the features together with instructional videos.

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