steelfab-2012Recently , Idronic was asked by the organisers of SteelFab 2012 in the middle east to present a topic on cloud computing and the implications and selection criteria that will affect our industry , especially the small job job operations and your standard sheet metal and metal fabrication work shops .

We were more than pleased to contribute and now we can report that a tremendous response has been received from the 100 or so participants. The concept of cloud computing is not as widely understood by the Middle East metal fabricators , but their thirst for knowledge and the willingness to embrace the latest technology was indeed refreshing.

We take this opportunity to thank all of those that end up purchasing LaserQuote via this conference at our stand in Sharjah. We already have great reports from some of our users which are very pleased with their investment and no respectable software company can ask for more that this .

Below is a summary of the points we touched on in our presentation . Feel free to enquire or comment on the content.