With the upcoming version, 219 of LaserQuote,which we intend to officially release at Austech 2012 , we will release a new feature : Automatic Nesting for quoting.

As you might realise auto nesting Dxf’s or Dwg files is a processor intensive action, as complex algorithms run through multiple permutations in seconds so we end up with an efficient and desirable nesting of one or multiple shapes. Because of this we have initiated a promising collaboration with a new UK company called Aptia Solutions. They already provide automatic nesting solutions in multiple flavours.

This implementation will incorporate seamlessly in the LaserQuote experience and allows our users to select one or many DXF’s and produce a quick and efficient nest rivalling nesting packages costing many thousands ( where parts can be nested inside offcuts , interlocked , rotated at your angle of choosing and maintain your predefined gaps). The result of the nesting process will be transferred just as seamlessly to your Part Definition in LaserQuote where the user can adjust the profit margin. The actual nest ( in DXF format ) will also be saved as a an attachment to the profile cutting work item. The plugin will be free to trial for new and existing users once the update will be published.

We are very excited about the time savings that QuoteFab nesting software will offer LaserQuote’s users.