We can think of many reasons why LaserQuote would be the answers to your headaches but why don’t we treat your situation and business just like a doctor would go about diagnosing a medical condition.

Am I making money or losing money?

This is the question stands at the foundation of why you are in business in the first place. With LaserQuote you will have reports and answers about costings, labour, materials for past and current jobs. In most cases LaserQuote will prevent human error in estimation or purchasing by its very design and implementation.

Is your shop floor manager pulling his/her hair out?

If your recognise some of the following symptoms than your shop floor manager needs LaserQuote:

1.Going gray prematurely
2.Running around the shop floor without an obvious purpose
3.Your shop floor manager needs one or more assistants
4.He spends hours on spreadsheets updating work loads
5.You can visibly see the work bottle-necking in front of your press brake
6.Stock is bought “Just in case” rather than “Just in time You do not trust anyone to quote! This is more prevalent in small business but its an ever present fear among most business owners.

A great deal of responsibility lies with the estimators and good estimators are hard to come by. LaserQuote solves this dilemma as the task of quote profitability is taken away from the estimator and automatically calculated. Most operations in the quoting process are as simple as point, select and click.

Your customers are bugging you about their jobs?

Instead of making more quotes or better streamline your production processes you spend hours telling existing customers the status of their jobs or re-printing a dispatch slip. With LaserQuote the customer gains 24/7 access to this information via the Internet and they can check their jobs, quotes, dispatch with proof of delivery and also request a new quotation.

You wish you had full history on each part!

Knowledge is power and control. LaserQuote maintains a full audit on all records not just parts. You can see who did what and when. Always know where the material was sourced from and which jobs it ended up being used for. All this takes place totally independent of any user action, simply works.

If you identify yourself or your business with any or all of the above common issues than stop wasting money today and get LaserQuote and gain a full understanding why it is a must for any fabrication or general engineering operation.